Dear Friends,

Welcome! I am honored to be running for the Blue Valley School Board in Position 3. Over the course of this campaign, I will be using my website to let you know more about my background, my beliefs, and my priorities.

The Blue Valley School District is one of the best in the nation, and we need to keep it that way. As an active, working mom with children in the district, I understand how important it is to ensure our district is meeting the needs of every student. This student-focused approach - which emphasizes what's best for your child above all else - is the foundation of my position on each issue impacting the district.

I encourage you to join me on this campaign. Over the next several months, I will be canvassing homes in Blue Valley and look forward to speaking with you. In the meantime, you can e-mail me at stephaniejames4bluevalley at with any questions.

If you would like to support me, I have also set up an online donation system via Anedot, which you can use by clicking the button below. There is no limit on donations in this race. Thank you for any support you are able to provide!

Stephanie James

More About This Election
For the purposes of elections, the Blue Valley School District is divided into three "zones". The first zone is for Positions 1 and 4. The second zone is for Positions 2 and 5. The third zone is for Positions 3 and 6. Position 7 is the at-large seat.

Stephanie James is running in Position 3.

In the primary - which there is one - candidates *only* run in their zone, which is the southern area on the District Map. On Tuesday, August 5th, Stephanie advanced in the primary.

In the general, all candidates for all positions run district-wide, making them essentially all at-large seats. So, it can be a bit confusing about who is running against who.

It's very important you vote in this election, as turnout will likely be low as is typical for many location elections. While there will be polling locations, you are encouraged to vote early and can request your advance ballot now by clicking here.

Thank you!